‘Time Management & Productivity Coaching’

Achieve rapid improvements in your productivity, impact
& personal satisfaction by working 1:1 with Time Management
& Productivity Coach, Rosie Gray

  This will be a very sound investment if;

  • You’re working long hours & disappointed by your progress
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the tasks facing you
  • Taken on new responsibilities & expected to deliver rapid results
  • Simply want to enjoy work like you used to & return ‘Life’ to your ‘Work/Life Balance’ equation

  Sessions are designed around the key time & productivity challenges facing you right now so your time together is used effectively, & you see results quickly.

Why Time Management Coaching?

  • Because It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard
  • Many people struggle for years to get organised, to do everything or be everywhere on time. Maybe you’ve begun to believe this time thing is ‘hard’. But it really doesn’t have to be like that.
  • It’s about identifying changes that’ll bring you biggest impact, making the tweaks & repeating them until they become an effective new habit.
  • You know how repetitions of exercises builds muscle? Well, repetitions of the right, often tiny, sometimes even easy things, add up to high impact improvements & can help you achieve big, ambitious goals. (Remember how it takes only small hinges to swing big doors?)
  • Because Nobody Teaches You This Stuff!

No seriously, it’s true for most people.

  • We pick up some techniques as we go along, perhaps from a highly productive boss, colleagues or magazine articles. But most of us are never taught how to manage our time, to be productive. (Example – were you ever taught how to use email? Most people aren’t, and as a result use a fraction of the tools available & live in inbox chaos.)
  • So this is not just about coaching you to success through skilled questioning. You’ll learn practical techniques & tips gleaned from years of research into what the highest performers do to be successful, proven to deliver results.
  • And the time management & productivity toolkit shared comprises a set of learnable techniques pretty much everyone can benefit from. It includes plenty of ‘quick wins’ you can implement & benefit from rapidly, as well as longer term strategies to help sustain your performance improvement over time.
  • Because It’s Not About The Hours You Work

But what you DO in those hours that counts.

  • When you’re crystal clear about what’s important, your goals, it’s easy to pinpoint the steps you must take to reach them. Then you can prioritise those steps, put them in order, push back on the distractions and of course, structure your time in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Because Accountability Matters
  • Even if you’re highly motivated, knowing someone is watching progress always raises your performance to a higher level than you would reach alone. It’s human nature to work harder when someone else is interested, isn’t it?
  • And a good coach, like a good boss, isn’t going to let you cruise. You’ll be encouraged to stretch further, use new techniques, and importantly, supported with the practical knowledge & experience to increase your productivity & impact.

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What Clients are saying…

‘The best investment I’ve ever made in growing my business. Your input has been invaluable, providing a clearer focus on how to develop my business for the benefit of my clients as well as on my personal objectives. I’ve been able to utilise the ideas in my working practices & these have been well received.’

David Blackwell,
Financial Adviser, Dorset


‘The sessions have helped improve myself and my performance. The path of transformation included developing self-awareness and leadership style changes, which allow me to act appropriately in different situations, and transform how others perceive me. The vision exercise has given me the framework to act on my future and succeed toward my goal.’

Andres Pena, CIO, Division of Oil Major, Bucks.


‘I found Rosie’s style to be excellent. She very quickly earned my confidence and I soon felt I could trust her,
and talk openly with her. I found the techniques and approaches refreshing, and I believe will contribute significantly.’

Chris Croxson, IT Director,
Major Manufacturing Company, Hants.


‘It certainly has made a difference – my intray is a shadow of it’s former self! I’m more confident to delegate work to my team, who are enjoying the greater challenge. I am using my extra time to develop a couple of new business ventures.’

Mandi Muggeson, Director,
Small Family Business, Dorset


‘Rosie is the best, most natural coach I have ever worked with. She effortlessly comes up with just the right question at the right moment and has enabled me to free up energy for the things I really want to do’

Karen Robinson,
Independent Training Consultant,

About Time Management & Productivity Coach Rosie Gray

  Rosie works with superbusy Professionals, Managers & Business Owners to help them organise their workload, hit deadlines with ease & increase their productivity.

  She’s experienced partnering at Senior Executive/Partner/Business Owner level.

  By structuring their precious time better, & getting a firm grip of true priorities, her Clients can focus efforts on delivering results that matter. And as an added benefit, they’re better able to handle pressure & put the ‘life’ back in their ‘work/life’ balance equation.

  As a leading specialist in time management & personal productivity, Rosie has worked successfully with Clients of all sizes – from household names (including Coca-Cola, Monster Worldwide, Motorola, IBM & BP) to small, specialised companies, professional partnerships & the public/voluntary sectors. She’s featured in the national, local & online media (including Sunday Times, Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, Sunday Express, Management Today, Good Housekeeping, BBC).


To ‘kick start’ your productivity & begin making more of your precious time, either;

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