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‘The Gift of Time’

Present-2-portrait_2  Every day you’re given a gift of 1,440 minutes.

  You must use your 1,440 minutes today, it’s not possible to carry them forward to tomorrow. Any wasted minutes are lost.

  Everyday you make multiple decisions about how to use every one of those minutes. Often you’ll be unaware you’re really making a decision – it’s more a rapid response to the latest request, crisis or thought that pops into your mind.

  But all those decisions contribute to how you feel at the end of the day.

  Some minutes you used wisely bringing a great return or much pleasure – very satisfying. Some slipped by unnoticed, and some minutes you generously gave away to others by helping with their tasks. Probably not so satisfying, perhaps even frustrating.

  So imagine for a moment that instead of minutes, you received money each day. Picture a gift-wrapped box containing a golden coin for every one of those 1,440 minutes, and you’ll decide how to spend them.

  The same rules apply – you must spend these coins today, and once spent you’ll not receive more until tomorrow. As you spend your minutes, it’s as if you’re handing over those coins in payment. Listen to the cash till ringing up the cost.

So How Will You Spend Your Coins Today?

  Will you spend your coins on the important activities, at work and home, and getting them done? Kerching!

  Or spend coins enjoying the company of people you care about, activities you enjoy and developing your skills for the future? Kerching!

  Will you spend coins planning then following through to completion, satisfied in a ‘job well done’? Kerching!

  Or perhaps you’ll spend coins wildly in a desperate attempt to solve the ‘crisis’ that’s just blown up from nowhere? Kerching!

  Will you spend your coins attending that meeting? Kerching!

  Will you spend them answering those ‘have you got a minute’ type questions from others, that always take much longer? Does this distract you from what you planned to do? Or are these interruptions a good investment, avoiding problems later? Will that person help when you need it? Kerching!

  Will you spend coins on random internet surfing, social media or just drifting through life? Kerching!

  Will you spend coins listening to others gossiping or moaning about matters you know they’ll do nothing to change? Kerching!

  Will you spend coins working through lunch (again), leaving late and feeling exhausted when you arrive home? Kerching!

  How many coins will you spend on worthwhile activities that leave you feeling energised, good about yourself and content? Kerching!

  The choice is yours alone and I know, not always straightforward. What looks like a wise choice is different for each one of us.

  Circumstances are always changing and what seems like a good choice one day may not be another. It depends what else is happening. But you’re spending ‘coins’ (really your time of course) just the same.

  As you choose what to do today, imagine you’re opening up that box and handing over your coins to ‘pay’ for that choice. Pause and ask yourself;

  • Am I getting what I want for that payment?
  • Is it good value?
  • Will I have enough coins left for what I want to do today?

  Then make your choice.

‘Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.’ 

  M. Scott Peck

Copyright 2009 – 2014 Rosie Gray, Mosaic Learning Ltd. All rights reserved.

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