Work Life Balance

‘Listen To Your Body Clock – & Achieve More Today!’

businessman showing clock in suit  At a recent business lunch, I met Sarah* who revealed she had problems with Time Management – but she wasn’t sure why. She appeared outwardly organised, and runs both a successful small manufacturing company and a home admirably, but often felt overwhelmed and frustrated.

  A few focussed questions revealed possible causes for her frustration – a partner on assignment outside the UK and a noisy work environment. Perhaps most astonishingly, as we talked Sarah realised how these two seemingly unconnected issues were combining to throw her natural body clock out of kilter.

  Sarah is naturally a ‘Lark’ - waking early and easily each morning, and producing her best work early in the day. She knew she really wanted to be in bed by about 10.30pm, to be her best.

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‘Favourite Work/Life Balance Quotes’

A Selection collated by Rosie Gray, Mosaic Learning

  I’ve been collecting quotes for many years, as I enjoy the way a message can be summed up neatly (and memorably) in a sentence or two. Often these quotes are shared with my Clients, leading to a powerful insight or thought provoking conversation.  I know from feedback, these quotes are often kept and resonate long after our work together is completed.

  So I want to share this shortlist of some of my favourites with you. They’re all themed around the topic of ‘Work/Life Balance’, as this can be challenging for so many of us. Of course, the ideal balance between these important elements in our lives is different for everybody – it depends on what is important to us, and this shifts over time. 

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‘Winding Down At The End Of The Day’

Woman on Computer  Do you ever find it difficult to leave work behind at the end of the day? Many of us do.

  Even though you’ve physically left your work location, sometimes the mental cogs keep whirring away all evening. Maybe you process the days interactions (and think of the devastatingly witty replies you wish you had made at the time), or plan tomorrow.

  Now this isn’t always a problem of course. But if you don’t properly switch between these two parts of your life regularly, it can leave you feeling tired, frustrated, even ‘burnt out’, as you’re not resting and recharging your batteries. It can cause you to appear distracted to others too, as they sense you’re not giving your full attention.

  So here are some practical suggestions to help you ‘wind down’ and enjoy a relaxing evening…

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'Excellent Course - it will pay for itself in days'

Alex Barr,
Business Development Manager,
Technology Consultancy

This is the best day’s course I’ve attended in years – Many thanks.’

Neil Duggan,
Facilities Manager, Leisure Industry