Organisation Tips

‘Choosing The Best Calendar For You’

time-management-choosing-a-calendar  When deciding to ‘get organised’, one of the first things people often do is invest in new time planning tools to support their new organised ways. It might be a Smartphone, a Blackberry, new diary or a posh new leather folio.

  But often these new tools are abandoned quickly, and the results can be disappointing. It’s not that the tools don’t work (clearly they do as used successfully by many) – it’s more usually a case of the wrong tool has been selected for an individual’s personal needs, and the time required to get used to the new system is underestimated.

  So to help you choose a supportive system for you, here’s a quick review of one of the most basic tools needed to manage your time. Some of you will call it a calendar, others a diary depending on what you are used to – for simplicity, I’ll refer to a calendar in this article. Continue reading

‘Keeping Track Of Details – How To Use A Tickler File’

tickler-file-organisation-tips  Sometimes the simple solutions really are the best, and it’s particularly true when it comes to storing information. If the system isn’t effortless to use, with information readily available, we quickly abandon it. Believe me, I’ve tested hundreds of techniques for planning diaries, software, filing etc. in my search to bring you the best, and been shocked how many techniques become a job in themselves. They really don’t save time and effort at all!

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