Goal Setting

‘What Morgan Freeman Taught Me About Goals – The Bucket List’

aurora borealis over the sea  Last weekend, I watched the film ‘The Bucket List’ and it reminded me of the whole goal setting process and why it matters to us all. If you haven’t seen the film – it stars Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman.  Without spoiling the plot – two terminally ill cancer patients decide to leave hospital, go on a round the world trip and live their last days to the full. They’re intent on experiencing as many things on their ‘wish list’ as possible before they ‘kick the bucket’. They called this their ‘bucket list’. (It’s not as depressing a film as it sounds – I recommend it.)

  Now at the moment, I’m fit, healthy and planning to stay that way, and hope you are too. But none of us knows what life has in store and there are experiences I don’t want to regret missing, because I left it too late.

  So I’ve been updating my own list of dreams this week. I first did this about 15 years ago, and been adding to it ever since. As I experience the dream, I cross it off so there’s always room for more.

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